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Let us create your dream event

Welcome to the online home of Dream Tech LS. A Event Production Company supplying sound, lighting and DJ's for events of all sizes.

We offer competitive prices and great service to all areas of live production including concerts, corporate events, musicals, schools, churches and festivals. And smaller events like Parties, Weddings, Company Christmas parties and New Year's Eve celebrations.


Theatre Productions

We have been involved in many professional and amateur theatre productions providing full Lighting & sound setups to consulting work. Working all over Brisbane through to NSW we know how to make your stage come to life with the right effects and colour we will make your musical and/or play the best it can be.

Celebration Events

We have provided DJ's and production for mostly any event or party possible. from a 16th Birthday Party to a VIP Corporate Event. Having the knowledge and customer relations we know we can organise and run any event you throw at us.

Concert Productions

We have provided many consultations and organised many concert productions, from a community hall venues to world tour venues. We know how to lift your show to the stars!

Just as you’re the expert in your field, We have over 15 years of successful event and stage productions for businesses and theatrical, we would probably qualify us as the experts in ours. Lighting, Sound and DJ production is the only thing we do  and we’ll work hard for you to get your dream event come true.

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